Lord Shiva Live Maha Rudrabhisheka & Rudri Path Pujan महारुद्राभिषेक एवं रुद्री पाठ पूजन

Rudra is a famous name of Lord Shiva. The Pooja is one of the major means to remove the evils. And this pooja takes place according to the Vedic scriptures. The ritual helps the performer in attaining all the desires and awards like all-round material prosperity. Moreover, it can take place both at temples as well as at the home with a Brahman in front of a Shiva Linga. The essence of this puja is the holy chant of Sri Rudram from the Yajur Veda and giving a holy bath to Shivling with many materials including Panchamrit or fruit salad soaked in honey, which are constantly poured above it, along with chanting of Vedic mantra called the Rudra Suktha. This is one of the most powerful forms of worships in Hinduism and is believed to bless the devotees with prosperity and peace and remove the sins of many births. Shiva is a highly benevolent God and is easily pleased.


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