Satya Narayan Puja

Satyanarayan Puja is one of the best ways to seek blessings from Lord Vishnu. This vrat or puja is a very popular ritual. All Hindus have strong belief, faith and devotion of Shri Satyanarayan, an incarnation of Lord Vishnu. Shri Satyanarayan puja is generally performed on the full moon every month and can also be done on other days. This puja brings abundance and peace in all forms of life. By executing Satyanarayan Puja, a person is granted with self satisfaction as all the incomplete tasks are assured of being completed. The lord in this form is considered an embodiment of truth. Satyanarayan puja is performed by reciting the miraculous story of Lord Satyanarayan.

This puja is performed to maintain general happiness of the family. It is also done for self satisfaction as incomplete tasks are assured of being completed. This Homam is also performed for Longevity and well being of the family. This Puja is performed for success, good luck, and material abundance.


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