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  • Seven Chakra improves intellect power, creativity and self-respect.
  • Enhance the emotional and physical balance and remove the fear and anxiety
  • Created with natural crystal stones, these stunning crystals s have twisted metal branches and feature a pretty wooden base with crystal stones attached.
  • It brings good luck to your life.
  • Seven Chakra gemstone will remove the negative energy from home or office, enhance luck, power, brings prosperity and generate positive energy and at home Very useful luck charm.

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2This is a beautiful Seven Chakra gemstone Reiki collection. This set is made of semi-precious gemstone of seven different colors representing the Seven main Chakras of our body. These are believed to be energy shields which protect or heal us from negative energies in our environment. The gemstones are Amethyst, Lapis Lazuli, Rose Quartz, green jade, yellow aventurine, carnelian etc.

These are ORIGINAL GEMSTONES and not glass copies.

This Seven Chakra Reiki stone set is believed to harmonize and activate the Seven chakras (Root, Sacral, Throat, Power, Heart, Third Eye and Crown) per the healing sciences due to the use of 7 harmonizing gemstones and will also eliminate any negative forces or disturbances from our household.

Benefits of Seven Chakra Gemstone set:

1. This Reiki set is beneficial to remove all the vastu dosha and negative energies from the place.

2. Due to the use of seven healing gemstones it will activate the Seven Chakras in the body of the people surroundings.

3. People keeping this Seven Chakra Gemstone Pyramid will witness a harmonious and peaceful life. They will feel more positivity in their life.

4. This pyramid will bring prosperity in the household and will keep unwanted problems at bay.

5. Though not scientifically proven the seven-chakra stones helps in the healing of body and mind problems.

6. It is ideal for home and offices and can be kept as a set.

About Stones –

  • Amethyst – Amethyst is an extremely powerful and protective stone with a high spiritual vibration.
  • Aventurine – Metaphysical healers used Aventurine not just for the emotional and mental healing.
  • Flourite – Fluorite cleanses and stabilises the aura.It absorbs and neutralises negative energy and stress. An excellent learning aid, Fluorite increases our powers of concentration, self-confidence and helps us in decision-making. It encourages positivity, balances the energies, and improves balance and coordination, both physically and mentally.
  • Jasper – Jasper is considered a Power Stone and a stone that accepts intense responsibility as a Protection Stone. Jasper gives one the courage to speak out and have personal independence. It’s a stone of the earth, and therefore a very “grounding” stone. All Jaspers have excellent protective energies.
  • Lapis-Lazuli Lapis Lazuli encourages taking charge of life. It reveals inner truth, encourages self-awareness, and allows self-expression without holding back or compromising. If repressed anger is causing difficulties in the throat or in communication, Lapis Lazuli releases these.
  • Best for Healing, Chakra Balancing, Positive Energy, Meditation, Sound Sleep, Gift and many more applications.
  • Gives great sense of Spiritual Awakening, Mental Peace, Psychic Horizon, Magical, Divine They can be used in many different methods of healing.
  • They can be used to heal the entire body or aura, or they can be used on a specific area of the body, or on a particular chakra.


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