All Stone Natural & Energized Navgraha/Navratna/Nine Planets Ring (नवरत्न अंगूठी) Made In Pure Silver, Adjustable rings, Lab Certified

  • It Strengthens the Navgrah.
  • Malefic effects of planets are eradicated.
  • Enhances beauty and positive energy.
  • Wearing Navagraha neutralizes the malefic effects of different planets in one’s Birth Chart.
  • Wearing gem ornaments brings about, fame, longevity, wealth, happiness, strength.
  • Moreover, it wards off bad celestial influences, makes the physiology healthy, eliminates misery, promotes fortune and washes off sin.
  • Wearer will never suffer any form of ill fortune.
  • Navaratna Ring brings fame, longevity, wealth, good luck, happiness, and fortune.
  • It eliminates miseries and bad luck from your life.
  • It is considered as an excellent talisman against dangers and people who are in dangerous profession can keep it in the pouch or can wear it around the neck.
  • Duly proven and awakened NAVRATNA RING is obtained through Tantra Astro.


Navaratna/Navgraha Ring is getting more and more famous because of its Stylish looks and astrological benefits. When wearing astrological remedies either one can wear Gemstone Jewelry based their zodiac or horoscope or wear a Navaratna or Navagraha Ring which has all the 9 stones representing the all 9 planets. Navaratna refers to the nine gemstones related to the nine planets used in Vedic astrology. The word nava means ‘nine’ and ratna means ‘gem’ in the Sanskrit language. Navaratnas are considered auspicious and believed to give the wearer Good Health, Prosperity, Happiness and Peace of Mind. It wards off negative energies or malefic effects of nine Planets and strengthens the positive influences of the gems.


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