Benefits of Wearing Red Sulemani Hakik Mala:

✅It is believed that only Sulemani Hakik can increase the confidence by wearing or keeping it around. It’s stone of sun.

✅It excludes negative energy, causing depression, confusion and irritable watering away.

✅Apart from this, Red Sulemani is also used as a protective gemstone. Keeping Sulemani Hakeek with you does protect you from evil eyes & spirits. That’s why mothers keep this stone around their newborns.

✅This stone filled with properties communicates positive energy in the body and naturally balances the person.

✅It has been observed that keeping the stone in the bedroom sleeps well, and the habit of waking up at night gets reduced.

✅Wearing red sulemani Hakeek, the person is more focused and dedicated towards his goal.

✅It is believed that by wearing it, there is a better performance in the workspace, the mind feels in work and the things of useless do not come to mind.

✅Creates a balance between the heart and brain, which also improves judgment ability.

✅Red Sulemani Hakik has also been considered to be very useful for maintaining good relationships. It maintains love in married life.


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