Natural Citrine Gemstone Beads Mala (String). Best AAA Quality Brazilian Beads. Already Activated, Energized & Ready to wear for Best Results. Ideal for Meditation, Chanting & Healing.


Citrine (Sunehla) is a yellow stone which is soft and purely transparent. Citrine (Sunehla) is a sub stone of Pukhraj and Pukhraj is Jupiter’s precious gem.

Hence by wearing Citrine (Sunehla) one will get all kinds of benefits that planet Jupiter provides in our lives which can be classified as; one starts getting respect and honour in society, one gets better at decision-making skills and one also starts taking interest in society related works.

According to Vedic Astrology Citrine (Sunehla) stone is related to planet Jupiter and Jupiter is the ruling planet of Sagittarius and Pisces, keeping this aspect in concern people born under the Mon Sign Sagittarius must wear Sunhela to get better results in life. As per Western Astrology people born under the Suns Sign, Sagittarius must wear Sunhela as it is there birthstone.

Benefit of Citrine (Sunela) Mala / Rosaries:

  • Citrine Mala is known for its most powerful healing property.This Citrine Bracelet shoves out the negativity from your mind.
  • Citrine Bracelet possesses inherent spiritual characteristics.
  • Sunela Mala Prayer Beads form a lucky rosary for the business persons.
  • Citrine Rosaries helps overcome depression.
  • Citrine (Sunela) Rosary encourages self-possession.
  • Citrine (Sunela) Malas / Rosaries bring good fortune.
  • This Mala harmonizes the solar plexus chakra.
  • Citrine (Sunela) Mala revitalizes the mind and enhances concentration.
  • Citrine/ Golden Topaz is excellent for overcoming fears, depression, and phobias.
  • Citrine Yellow Rosary promotes inner calm so that you can strengthen your wisdom.
  • Emotionally, Citrine Mala promotes joy in life and increases self-respect.
  • Sunela Rosary releases negative traits and feelings at the deepest level of your soul.
  • Citrine (Sunela) Rosary helps in alleviating digestive troubles, sadness, diabetes and constipation.
  • This Citrine stone Mala is considered as a “Success Stone” and “Merchant’s Stone”.This Citrine stone bracelet helps the wearer to concentrate on the work and meet the target.
  • It also has magnified and clarifies personal power and energy.
  • Citrine stone bracelet attracts wealth, prosperity, and success.


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