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  • Using Money Growth & Business Growth, Positive Vibration, Job Success, Promotion, Financial Growth & Success, Increase Confidence Level, You can wear it anywhere you go. Lightweight pendant. Suits on everyone from a young teenager to an adult.

Specification :-

Stone Size: 30 CT APPROX
Bead: 01
Shape Oval

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Delivery: Within 3 – 4 Business Days
Free Shipping: All over India
Order On Whatsapp:  8789543614
Free Energization: This Remedy is Free Energized by Tantra Astro Priest



✅Finance stone also says “Orthoceras” (कुबेर स्टोन).

✅Orthoceras are the fossilized remains of an extinct marine animal.

✅It has a long conical shape.

✅Orthoceras crystals are a black and gray fossil, and are a fossilized mollusk that lived around 400 million years ago.

✅They promote a sense of pride and success in business.

✅Attract wealth and Prosperity.

✅You can take this stone in your temple, home and wallet or wealth box.

✅It brings back the money which is trapped.

✅Orthoceras fossils reinforce earth energies as well as support it helps to balance emotions, increase confidence, stimulates the mind and leads to openness and innovation.

✅ It feels grounding and helps to gather knowledge, in addition, it also empowers accomplishments.

✅Healers use fossils to enhance telepathy and stimulate the mind. Traditionally, fossils have been used to aid in reducing tiredness, fatigue, digestive disorders, rheumatism, innovation, knowledge, grounding, increased confidence, simulates thymus, activates mind, reduces anxiety and stress, balances emotions, decreases toxins, increases life span & empowers accomplishments. promotes pride and success in business, induces recognition of accomplishments said to treat atrophy, skeletal system disorders especially hands and feet and back,  fatigue, digestive disorders, rheumatism.

✅Just as a fossil is an animal that died and sunk deep into the earth into the dark, it reminds people that in the darkness changes can occur so they can be reborn when they chose to change and come back to the light of day.

✅After the mandatory process of Cleansing, Energizing and Programming By The “Tantra Astro” expert priest (based on the User’s Name, Nakshatra, Gotra, Date and Time of Birth), the Orthoceras can be carried in pocket, purse, handbag or suitcase. Alternatively they can be worn around the neck.

✅Orthoceras fossils are most often found on a black background with white and silver flecks. The surface is ornamented by a network of fine lirae. When polished they can look quite striking. The lines and colors are natural, they have been cleaned and highly polished. Orthoceras are effectively used by the Business persons to both heighten and supplement one’s accomplishments in business and to instill quality and excellence within one’s environment.


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