About Us

About Us

www.tantraastro.com is the place where you can get best quality Services Like Astrology, Tantra, Vastu, Palmistry & various Types of Energized Products Rudraksha, Gems, Crystal, Mala, Saligram, Healing items, Feng shui, Vastu, Astro, Rare Tantra items and other religious items. “www.tantraastro.com” provides services since years and provides the best in quality. Many people benefit us. Tantra, Astro and Vastu products are beneficial only when fully activated with mantra for example each gem and each rudraksha has its own lord/god having its specified mantra, who can fill it with special energy. Tantra Astro, is founded on the principal of providing happiness and harmony in people’s lives through the science of Astrology, Palmist, Tantra & vaastu shastra.
We follow a non-destructive approach, where the existing structure is not disturbed. A complete energy rectification is done by installing powerful cosmic symbols.
We believe in making this planet a better place for us and our future generations to live. Tantra Astro is also an eco-conscious company which fully understands the repercussions of global warming. We also provide expertise on how to leave less carbon foot prints during construction & after the completion of the work.
Tantra Astro robust research and development department is constantly working in providing our clients with innovative and scientific solutions . Our solutions are based on the expert advise of scientists and professionals from the technical field.

TantraAstro, a new reckoner in the field of astrology, which is purely Vedic astrology based and proud to be a part of this industry for over 10 years. Awakening millions of lives with our astrology field expertise has Hindu vedic systems laying its key foundation. We are a team of one of the renowned astrology experts comprising of learned astrologers, expert writers and technical masters who are the brains behind all the information that you find on our website.

All your questions about your life and destiny , the unseen thicks and thins of your life, have just got channelized in a better way from us. We help you get precise & clear answers to the thought bubbles that randomly come knocking at your door. The science that our astrologers use is an age-old and accurate, strictly in accordance to the indian vedas and ritual values.

You can browse through our website and take a look at the various services that we offer free and otherwise. Also, if you are a keen learner of the astrology & want to get the answers of all your life’s problems, then we are here to show you the right path.

We provide our services both nationally and internationally



What is Vastushastra?

VastuShastra – the blessed science of architectural configuration, is a part of the ancient Indian literature called Vedas that were written for more than 8,000 to 10,000 years ago in India by ‘Rishis & Munis’- men of great knowledge and wisdom. The glory of VastuShastra originates in the Stapatya Veda.

This colossal body of information details the environment and nature’s effects on our health, wealth, happiness and well-being. In simple terms, the purpose of VastuShastra is to deal with the discipline of the architecture and tells how a construction should be planned to harness the positive energy in lives of people dwelling in it.he Atharva Veda. The key principles of architecture, construction, location selection, sculpture and so forth as articulated in the epics and discoursed on temple architecture, historical monuments, palaces and various other cultural heritages, etc. have been integrated in the science of Vastu.

www.tantraastro.com is doing just that for customers so that they can enjoy the results they want. Our aim is to provide better products so that you can get prosperity in your life and business. If you like our products, please rate us and give your valuable feedback so that we can improve in the future. Thank You.