Blue Sapphire (नीलम)


Blue Sapphire Facts-
Blue sapphire belongs to the mineral species corundum. The mineral corundum is composed only of aluminum and oxygen, and it requires a growth environment that’s free of silicon. It can be a pure blue or ranges from greenish blue to violetish blue. Both blue and fancy sapphires come from a variety of exotic sources including Madagascar, Tanzania, Sri Lanka, Myanmar, and Australia. Good Quality Blue Sapphires are most expensive & desirable among all color sapphires.

Blue Sapphire Properties-

Hardness : 9 (Moh’s scale of hardness)
Optic Character : Anisotropic
Refractive Index (RI) : 1.760 – 1.778.
Birefringence : 0.007 – 0.010.
Specific gravity : 3.99 – 4.01.

Inclusions in Natural Blue Sapphire
It has inclusions like included crystals, Zircon halos, Rutile needles, Rutile silk etc. These inclusions in the stone clearly indicate its natural origin.

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